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  • @nisargpandya


    Entrepreneur, Startup Founder & CEO @drivebuddyAI. Learning from human drivers for the future drivers.

  • Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)

    Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)

    The only bank that provides a universal basic income. Creating a better system for the many, not the few. Join our movement. Challenge the status quo.

  • Michelle Dahl

    Michelle Dahl

  • Tony Pickett

    Tony Pickett

  • Alexander Oviawe

    Alexander Oviawe

    Infinite Learner, Design Thinker, Problem-Solver. Former Physiologist, interested in Psychology. Founder of PsychogenX. www.psychogenx.health

  • Anthony Doone

    Anthony Doone

    Marketing strategy. Creative advertising. Stuff like that

  • Valentine Baudouin

    Valentine Baudouin

    Angel Investor @foundersfuture

  • Luxlight Studio

    Luxlight Studio

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