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  • Francesca (Check) Warner

    Francesca (Check) Warner

    Partner, Ada Ventures. Investing in overlooked founders and markets. Co-founder & CEO of Diversity VC. www.adaventures.com

  • Caitlin Winner

    Caitlin Winner

    Designer at Facebook, part time painter, aspiring farmer.

  • Startup Next

    Startup Next

    Startup Next is the top pre-acceleration & mentorship program to get startups investor ready in 6 weeks.

  • Index Ventures

    Index Ventures

    We are a multi-stage international VC firm. Since 1996, we’ve teamed up with exceptional entrepreneurs in 30+ countries, who are changing the world around them.

  • Yannick


    Writing checks & thoughts 🇪🇺 🏔️

  • Sonali De Rycker

    Sonali De Rycker

    Venture Capitalist. Mother of 2. Love all things tech - early to growth.

  • Matthew Clementson

    Matthew Clementson

    Product Manager @ Shell Digital Ventures — Ex OVO— Digital Support, Virtual Assistants, B2B & B2C Energy — Always learning & interested in all things Tech.

  • Eileen Burbidge

    Eileen Burbidge

    Early-stage tech VC and recovering work- and tech- aholic. Online identity full circle: Eileen Tso, Eileen Broch, Eileen Burbidge

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